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How We Work

If you went to a doctor, what would you think if she wrote a prescription without asking you what was wrong or giving you an examination?

In the medical world, that’s called malpractice.

Too many consulting companies are guilty of the same thing. They offer a solution without diagnosing the real cause. For example, a training and development company may always believe that any problem can be solved with training.

Before we recommend any course of action, we do a thorough analysis to determine underlying causes of the issues. We diagnose before we prescribe. We do this through tools such as fact-finding and individual and organizational assessment profiles.

Go After the Root Cause, Not the Symptom

Here is a recent client situation that illustrates our approach:

We were contacted by a CEO of a small business who wanted to increase their online sales. They had two different e-commerce sites in operation and wanted us to merge and consolidate them, which was within our capabilities to do. (We have web site expertise in house and often help clients with their online strategy.) They also wanted improved placement in Google search results.

However, we resisted the temptation to proceed immediately down that path. Instead, we walked through a business model canvas with the CEO. In just two discussions, together we clearly defined the four very different markets the company serves with the same set of products. Each market has its own preferred way of doing business with this company. In one of their markets, their customers did business solely by phone. We and the client outlined a plan to set up clear business processes for each market and develop a set of requirements to serve the markets wanting online access with an upgraded website.

The result was a savings of $10K per year in cancelled internet consulting fees charged by an SEO company whose work was not increasing online sales. The e-commerce solution the client chose should pay for itself within one year at their current level of sales alone.

How We Work

  • We have a proven, straightforward approach to bring order and accountability to the “messiness” of performance growth and development.
  • We customize our programs and tools for each client to meet your specific need and desired outcome. We collaborate with your internal employees and external support sources to align the work and support your business’ values and culture.
  • We help you get beyond the day-to-day chaos of treating symptoms and work with you to develop long-term, controlled, sustainable solutions.
  • Your results from working with us are measurable.
  • We have a guarantee to lower your risk and ensure a return on your investment with us.
  • We have strategic partners who broaden and support our abilities and tools, including the latest in assessment profiles, leadership development tools, process improvement, and coaching excellence.