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Who We Are

Founded in 2000, Business Vitality is a dynamic people development and business process improvement company. BV offers tailored development methods for performance improvement that yield sustainable results. Our unique approach has been applied successfully with individuals, and in organizations with thousands of employees, for more than 30 years. We specialize in helping people turn potential into profit.

Getting results is all about execution. Lots of organizations have hopes and dreams, goals and objectives. But how many ever become reality? How many are accomplished on a daily basis? By developing and engaging individuals at all levels, BV's proprietary development processes have demonstrated the ability to facilitate fundamental changes in the way in which people think, live, and work.

Break down any problem or opportunity. At its heart is a goal of improving performance, whether personal, organizational, or both. Our strength lies in achieving positive and measurable results faster, easier, and with substantially less cost than if you maintained the status quo.


Whom We Work With

Our clients are business owners and CEOs, senior leaders, middle managers, and supervisors who strive for improvement. They desire growth, seek to learn, and are in it for the long haul. They read books, attend conferences, belong to business groups, always seeking inspiration. They know there is always a better way.

However, even if they know what they want to do, execution to completion is a challenge. They commit serious time and resources so they and their teams know how apply knowledge, learn from mistakes, build resiliency, and get the job done.

At Business Vitality, we see possibility where others see roadblocks. We help our clients break down the performance elements, find alignment, get moving, and gain traction and momentum.

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How We Are Different

We recognize needs and budgets vary depending the size of the company

What size is your business?

  • Micro: The principal does the primary work of the business.
  • Small: The principal manages employees who do the primary work of the business.
  • Midsize: The principal manages an enterprise (with one or more levels of managers / supervisors).

We have a unique combination of talents in and passion for:

  • Developing people,
  • Improving organizational behavior and culture,
  • Smoothing out processes as the gears to make a company function, and
  • Organizing work for productivity and results.

We invest in our own continuous learning and love helping others find effective ways and resources to do the same:

  • We attend 2-4 conferences annually focusing on leadership development, coaching and facilitation skills, and more.
  • We read 30-40 business books a year and lead business book clubs for shared learning and discussion.
  • We develop, write, and teach popular and highly rated business workshops and seminars for workforce development organizations, chambers, professional and trade associations, and nonprofits. We love to teach both for helping others and helping ourselves learn. The best way to learn something is to teach it!
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